Insemination Day!

Today was the big day! My nerves were out of control but I was so lucky to have my family help me feel at ease. I had so many things running through my head. How my life would drastically change. I also kept telling myself not to get too excited. People think it's a high probability but in reality it's only 20%. It makes you realize that becoming pregnant is an incredible gift. 

Emily came with me to the appointment and they took me back right away. The nurse had me read the paper and confirm that 5469 was the right donor. And when the doctor came in she had me confirm as well. Dr Baek was great. She told me everything that was going to take place and walked me through the entire process. First she checked to see if I was ovulating and I was. If I wasn't I think the would still inject me but I would have to come back maybe the next day to inject the second vile. Once she confirmed I was we were ready to start. She first put the speculum in and there were a bunch of other gadgets being inserted as well. I couldn't see thank god. She was trying to get the probe to my cervix but it was shaped like a 90 degree angle that she had trouble. She left to get a smaller probe and that still didn't work. I was starting to get nervous. She asked if it would be okay for the nurse to come in and help and I was fine with it. Whatever she needed to do I was okay with. The nurse came in and out the ultrasound on my stomach and we could see where she was getting caught. She said she didn't want to puncture anything so she was being as careful as she could. I was super uncomfortable with all those things in me and the pressure but I kept breathing and telling myself it would be over soon and all worth it in the end. The pressure of the ultrasound on my stomach helped and she finally got it in!! I was happy because now with the ultrasound I could see inside what she was doing. I could see the probe and when she released all sperm. It was like a white cloud slowly spreading inside. It was amazing. After she took everything out she had me lie in the reclined chair for about 5 minutes and the nurse came in to explain what to do next. I have to go back in a week for blood work and take a pregnancy test in two weeks. If I test positive I'll go back in for another blood test to confirm. Now it's the waiting game!