Glucose Test

Today I had one of my last big appointments before his arrival! I still can't believe I am 6 months and in my third trimester already. I had to drink this sugary drink that looked like water but tasted a little like syrupy orange. It was pretty nasty but I chugged it down fast. 

I was also happy to see klevens today to ask about being so swollen down there and to say that I maybe had varicose veins! She took a look and said so far all looks normal but she looked further and sure enough I have one significant one on the left side. I was bummed but she put me at ease about it. I can still continue my exercise normally and I am fine standing on my feet. My family had me so scared that she would say I need to be on bed rest but she said this is very common and it thankfully goes away after giving birth. It was such a relief to hear that from her and I am happy my mom was there so no one gives me trouble when I want to go for a walk.