Second Ultrasound

Today I went for my second ultrasound and, I, for sure thought I would be ready Friday. They had me do blood work as well and Dr. Baek warned me that if it were too low that I can't do it this round. The follicle still wasn't large enough and growing at a slower pace than expected. I waited to hear and a few hours later they called to tell me it was too low and that I wouldn't be able to do it. My heart sank and so many emotions were running through me. Of course, I couldn't help to think that something is wrong with me and now I have anxious feelings that maybe I will have a hard time. Another part of me is saying that maybe it's a sign that this follicle wasn't strong enough and not meant to be, I'm trying to stay optimistic about it all.  I just was imagining that I would be pregnant by now. So the next round she will do a stimulated IUI to help with my low levels. Now it's just the waiting game again. I hope my period comes fast.