6 Months

I can’t believe indy is already 6 months and we started solids! I first gave him avocado and he gagged some but seem to want more. It’s so overwhelming because I don’t know where to begin with what to give him. There is this whole new world of food and where do you start?! I introduce a new food about every 3 days and so far he seems to be enjoying it. Loves yams and carrots and I even offered him zucchini (my fave) and he seems to enjoy it. Although the past two times I fed him oatmeal He has had a horrible reaction. I don’t know if maybe it was too heavy and too much for him. He threw up like I’ve never seen before. Exorcist style and it just kept coming. I felt so bad for him. He was so lethargic after and so weak it broke my heart. And in between each hurl he would even smile at me on occasion! Such a happy boy. 

Tomorrow also is Mother’s Day. My first one! It’s so special and sometimes I look at him and can’t believe he is mine. All mine! I feel so lucky to have him and that he chose me.