Quality Time

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated but honestly I feel like Indy is my angel boy. Knock on wood he is a great eater and sleeping pretty much through the night. Occasionally he will wake up but I don’t mind. It’s time I get to hold him in my arms and just stare at him while he dreams. The nanny is great and he seems so love her. I do too but I am still definitely jealous of her, but in a way I guess that is a good thing. 

Work has been busy. Sometimes she will bring him to visit and I’m swamped I’ll barley get to even hold him. It kills me to see them walk off without me. But I have to work. Sometimes I’ll have to go in on my day off and I hate it. It’s supposed to be a day for Indy and I and when I have to stop by the store or do a closet I feel such extreme guilt. Unfortunately I need to. It’s money I have to make to support the both of us and give Indy the best life I can. He is such a gift I want to give him the world. So as hard as it sometimes I just have to remember that those few hours away from him is worth it to give him the best.