As if once wasn’t enough the woman that was extremely opinionated about the path I took to have a baby continued to speak her mind. I’ve known her for years and my parents as well from the gym they go to. But she came in to ask how the baby was and who had him. Since my first run in with her I stopped engaging so much with her. I told her the nanny and she said “wow thank god for your mom and dad.” Not sure exactly what she meant I said yes, they’ve been amazing. Her response was “how much is that costing them?” Stunned and so happy my co worker heard I responded actually they don’t pay for the nanny, I do. She thinks that because I am some “shop girl” working in retail that I can’t support myself and that “mommy and daddy” need to pay my mortgage and the nanny. My friend quickly responded as well, stunned, telling her “she is an independent woman supporting herself.” I was done with this woman. My friend and I left her to help herself. It’s sad that she is quick to assume I can’t support myself or a child because I am in retail. I’ve built and grown a business for over 10 years and I don’t need a man to have a baby and support me. Times have changed and this way to becoming a mother is both beautiful and amazing.